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135th Annual Minnesota State Poultry Association Show
"Where The Elite Meet To Tweet"
Show dates are October 28-29, 2023
In Honor of:

Zebulon Skow
Derrice Skow

McLeod County Fairgrounds    Hutchinson, MN    Click here for Directions
Minnesota State Poultry Association Show Premium List
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2023 National Meet:
Western National Meet United Orpington Club
2023 District Meets
2023 State Meets
American Bantam Association
2023 Special Meets
American Poultry Association
2023 MSPA Judges
Stephen Blash - MA
Gary Rossman - WI
Tim Bowles - OH
Brian Gates - MO
Zeb Skow - MN Junior Show
Mark Jager - MN Showmanship
Minnesota State Poultry Association
Entry deadline is October 3rd, 2023

Show Secretary
Aaron Dittbenner
31501 310th Avenue. Morgan, MN 56266
Minnesota State Poultry Association
The show catalog will be available in the ... August ... issue of the Poultry Press.
Please send your test papers with your entry.
Email Patti Dietzel if you need a premium book
Email Patti click here

Set-Up Day is Wednesday, October 25th, 2023 at 8am.
Your help is always welcomed.

Membership Dues are $10.00 a family annually.
Please send to Patti Dietzel, 12355 134th Street, Cologne, MN 55322.
Phone number 952-303-9948.

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Amereica Poultry Association

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International Waterfowl Breeders Association

The Minnesota State Poultry Association would like to express their deepest appreciation and thanks to everyone who in any way has helped support this show financially, exhibiting, volunteering or otherwise.
"The Minnesota State Poultry Ass'n. is dedicated to the Preservation, Education and Promotion of Purebred Poultry in Minnesota."
Minnesota State Poultry Association
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